Yes, I did know Kolkata wasn’t in Sussex, but it is still a place very close to my heart.

As I write this, it is still recovering from being hit by a super-cyclone which has devastated Bengal.

I first went there in 2013 and have been back twice since. I fell in love with the people, the very visual culture and the sheer ‘otherness’ of the place. I was the guest of a charity called Emanuel Ministries Calcutta, that looks after children living on the pavement, drug addicts and a whole host of other projects.

All the images here are sold in order to raise funds for this precious work.
I dream of returning there one day.

The Peepul Tree

Ripon Street


Kolkata Princess

Slum Princess

Kolkata, Night Time

The Courtyard

Kolkata Kites

– Limited Edition Collograph

Kolkata Tower

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