Online Teaching

Steve has been awarded a badge from the Open University for competing a course on online teaching.

During this pandemic, it is obvious why this is such an important service.
He is teaching both art history and practical painting & drawing classes.

Even when the pandemic is over, Steve will be continuing this service as he has had requests for teaching people in places as diverse as America, India and Zambia!

Online teaching utilises the concept of the ‘flipped classroom’ allowing students to work at their own speed and to reflect on their work with the advice and encouragement of their peers.

Online teaching would also be the perfect solution for people who are housebound, but want to learn about the wonderful world of Art.

For information on the subjects covered, or to request a specific area of
art history or art technique – contact Steve here.

Painting & Drawing for Beginners

This is a 3 x 10 week course for anyone who wants to start Painting & Drawing.

This is a private class run online through Zoom.
We shall be looking at the history of subject matter and the use of a whole variety of materials.
A schedule and materials list will be sent to you if you are interested.

Continuing Tuesday 9th January 2024 • 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Cost: £120.00 per 10 week term.

To enrol, click here.

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