Shoreham is based on the estuary to the river Adur. Like an estuary it is a place where treasures are washed up to be discovered.

It really is quite unique. From its Parish Church, with connections to the Knights of St John, to the houseboat community off Shoreham Beach, it never ceases to excite me. It has the oldest commercial airport in the country and the ruins of a fort dating back to the Napoleonic era.
Go and see it for yourself!

Shoreham Airport

Verda – Post-Apocalyptic Version

Shoreham Fort

Shoreham Bridge

Verda – Autumn Version

Verda – Christmas Card

Verda and Friends

Verda and Clive

The Ark

Both Shoreham Airport and Verda are available as hand-pulled screen prints.

£75.00 Mounted; £130.00 Mounted and Framed.

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